In order to strengthen the relations between the Hispanic world and South Korea, as well as to establish a strong bond between the Spanish-speakers that inhabit this Asian country, Ñ magazine aims to be a medium specialized in culture that offers bimonthly relevant information of general interest about both civilizations to thousands of readers in South Korea. Thus, we seek to create a bridge of knowledge, understanding and tolerance that allows a constant exchange of ideas. Original information, presented in a didactic and bold manner, will appear on the publication lines, including issues that stand in the public interest in areas such as history, tourism, gastronomy, language, customs, society, economy and folklore. Through the creation of the Ñ magazine, we seek to build closer ties with the Spanish-speaking society and the related institutions.

Ñ magazine has a journalistic vision of professionalism and integrity based on which we intend to generate topics of common interest having no personal interests or involving political trends.
Ñ ​​magazine, as a brand and journalistic institution, is secular and apolitical. Its members work under an informative, descriptive and interpretive line, avoiding dyes or sensationalism in its structure. Research topics are guided by principles of objectivity, transparency and creativity, free from the influence of favoritisms.
We seek to provide a human and inclusive perspective, confronting different postures regarding controversial events, without giving preference to any opinion but generating productive discussions

In detail, the information that we include in our publication must meet the following requirements:

  • influence the reader in an objective manner
  • be useful
  • have intrinsic value
  • come from a reliable source
  • be relevant

Also, the information presented in Ñ magazine aims to bring together the following qualities:

  • impartiality
  • objectivity
  • extensive and proven reliability
  • topical issues in each edition
  • accuracy
  • clarity
  • conciseness
  • specificity

The information will be based on reliable facts. Articles and information will not be settled in personal facts or interests, assumptions or rumors.

 Writing style and terms used will be reviewed and approved in accordance so that it fits the subject in question while considering the each contributor’s submissions in relation to their sphere of knowledge and sources.

The Ñ magazine, as a journalistic institution, will have no alliances with businesses, profit associations or unions.
Finally, the situations that are not established in the present document will be evaluated by the Editorial Board according to their importance.