• ñ magazine is mainly addressed to Spanish-speakers who belong to diverse groups such as diplomats, expatriate workers, graduated students, spouses of Korean nationals, to the Korean population that knows the language of Cervantes and who is interested in the Hispanic culture, as well as to all the Spanish speakers regardless of their nationality. This means than we cover various segments of potential consumers of products and services of the most varied nature: from medical, education and recreation services, to attractions, restaurants, bars, cinemas and numerous articles such as cosmetics, clothes, accessories, computers, mobile phones, technology, etc.
  • According to our market research, the total of people who speak Spanish in South Korea is approximately of 5480.
  • ñ magazine will be read by both: people who have lived in Korea during a long time as well as newcomers, this segment is characterized by the search of products and services referenced preferably by their community, which generates higher confidence to acquire them.
  • Your ad never will never be underused as it will be enabled to reach all types of customers, even those whose Spanish language level is basic, and even if anybody looks at the magazine for simply curiosity without speak the language, you can place your ad in three languages: Spanish, English and Korean, for which, just in case that you need help, our team will be ready to assist you for making any brief translation.
  •  When hiring an advertising space with us, either in printed or web version, our team can suggest you the best positioning for your ad, guaranteeing an adequate audience, either in sections of tourism, gastronomy, society, foreigners in South Korea, etc.
  • It has been demonstrated than printed advertising is the most effective way for announce, as consumers have on hand as a reference the magazine and they are able for consult it when they need to find a product or service provider.
  •  At least 30 percent of our readers are diplomats and expatriate workers, which means an audience with good purchasing power.
  •  We can help you to develop the right message for promoting your business.
  • When you place your ad in our magazine, you address to the audience at the time when they are receptive to messages and focusing their attention in an specific support.
  • Through our publication you will access to middle-middle, upper-middle and upper cultural level public from Spain, Iberoamerica and South Korea.
  • Acquiring an ad space with us, you assure a high diffusion of your product or service at a relatively low cost.
  •  Our prices are highly competitive compared to our competitors.
  •  The print run of our first issue will be of 1000 copies (this amount will be adjusted to 2000 pieces from our second issue). Based on these amounts, our readership is estimated in about 3,000 people for our first number since it will be distributed in universities, restaurants, coffee shops, cultural centers, etc. The rotation of each copy is high, considering each magazine is read for more than one person.
  • For ñ magazine there are no small clients, all our customers are important and deserve our attention. With this in mind, our staff works hard to give the best service to everybody.
  • The professionalism with which we serve every detail of our magazine and every requirement of our clients is giving us an excellent position in the market.
  • In the short term, the goal of ñ magazine is to be considered as a collectable publication, allowing than our clients ads keep available for be consulted during several months or even years, always ready to be watched for anybody who read the media.
  • Our customers are not required to contract advertising packages or to sign long term agreements. You can advertise in the issue of your preference and you can manage your budget according to the frequency that suits for your enterprise.
  •  In our web page banners, you can promote your business to tourists, visitors and expats who are planning their stay in Korea, since the number of people looking for information online before making any kind of travel is important.
  • We have more than 480 distribution points in Seoul and at the launching time we will also distribute in Busan, Ulsan, Daejeon and Daegu.
  • In case your business is located outside Korea that applies in case you are a hotel, a touristic center, a Spanish language school, a university, etc., ñ magazine would be a great option for be known between Korean community, focusing in potential clients who are planning a travel, studying abroad, etc.